Working Environment and Culture

One Team,
One Dream

We believe that the foundation for achieving our mission is building our corporate culture.

We help each other improve and create a virtuous spiral of skill development by assessing each individual's talents and building a team with the right people in the right places. Together with the ability to create 1 from 0 and turn 1 into 100, this high-performing team will become the driving force to create a new era.

From 0 to 1,
then 1 to 100!
The spirit of all our staff

As J-QuAD DYNAMICS is a company formed by four global leading automotive suppliers, we wanted to create an environment where employees can work together as one and to stimulate communication among them regardless of their various backgrounds. With this in mind, at the time of the company's founding and again three years later, we solicited the thoughts of all J-QuAD DYNAMICS employees.
The message board is displayed in the main corridor of the office and provides inspiration for employees to keep these thoughts in mind as they engage in their daily challenges.

An office environment which fosters our culture

The office environment naturally encourages dialogue and innovation, and also features the facilities necessary for software development by facilitating efficient work.

A growth environment the employees create themselves

Thorough support is provided for employees to acquire the skills and knowledge they believe they will need for the future. A culture of self-study and knowledge sharing is deeply rooted in our company.

  • Skill Enhancement Support

    The company has a system to support employees' self-directed learning with the aim of creating a "J-QuAD-style learning culture" toward the realization of the company's vision. Through this system, the results of learning are always shared within the company and a 'chain of learning culture' is created.

  • Driving Experience Retreats

    To become a Tier 1 software company which continually launches attractive software, it is essential to have a "playful spirit" not found in conventional suppliers. As a forum to foster the culture of a software company, we hold yearly Driving Experience Retreats - equivalent to factory training in the manufacturing industry - in which participants experience the full range of vehicles and discuss what kind of applications they would like to have based on the hints they get from that experience.

  • In-house Club Activities

    Through club activities organized by volunteers within the company, we create an environment where employees can build networks and engage with each other beyond organizational boundaries while also stimulating the pursuit of new technologies and business opportunities. Currently, about 10 clubs have been established, including a board game club, a wine club, a golf club, and a new ADAS research group.

In-house Activities and Events

Various activities and events are organized to strengthen connections among employees.

  • MJP*Award (*Most J-QuAD DYNAMICS Personality)

    We value the small acts of appreciation toward superiors, subordinates, and surroundings that are not usually expressed in words, and hold monthly award events where the names of award winners and comments praising each person's actions are announced to all employees.
    (Photo: Lunch Celebration at which executives recognize the MJP Award winners)

  • E-Sports Tournament

    This is a popular in-house event, generating huge excitement across all work sites, departments, generations, and genders.

  • Traffic Safety Day

    As a symbolic annual event to confirm our mission and dedication to safety, employees visit the Tateshina Syokoji Temple in small groups to pray for traffic safety. Doing so also reinforces our efforts to foster a culture of safety.

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