All for
the Safer,
Smarter Mobility

Realizing a safer,
more comfortable mobility society

a Leader in Mobility Evolution

We develop leading-edge software intended to realize a future mobility society.
Leveraging specialized personnel, reliable technical capabilities, a lean development process, and an enhanced development environment, we are leading an evolution in mobility.

Our Features

Nexus of capabilities from four companies

A nexus of talent and knowledge from four global auto-parts suppliers that have led the Japanese automotive industry

Leading-edge software development

A global frontrunner in the development of leading-edge software for a software-first era

Next-generation development environment

Next-generation development environment processes to handle large-scale software development

New Mobility Value Created by

We will contribute to the realization of a secure mobility society and to the provision of brand new user experiences through our business activities.

Improved Safety

Automated driving systems utilize cameras and sensors to accurately recognize the surrounding situation, as well as to make intelligent decisions and responses. This in turn reduces the risk of traffic accidents caused by human error or carelessness.

Improved Traffic Efficiency

Automated vehicles can utilize communication technologies to coordinate with other vehicles to optimize traffic flow. They can reduce traffic slowdowns by optimizing the distance between vehicles and engaging with traffic signals and road infrastructure.

Improved Mobility

Automated vehicles do not require drivers, and will therefore expand mobility options for people with driving restrictions, the elderly, and people with disabilities. With easier access to transportation, these people will be able to operate more independently.

Contribution to the Environment

Automated vehicles optimize energy efficiency, and are therefore expected to improve fuel efficiency. In addition, the improved efficiency of traffic due to automated driving technology is expected to reduce congestion and traffic stoppages, which in turn will lead to reduced emissions.

Improved Comfort and Productivity

Automated vehicles do not require their users to focus on driving, and therefore allow passengers to use their time spent traveling for other activities. This allows for a more pleasant travel experience, such as working, reading, enjoying movies, or relaxing while on the move.


We develop high-quality applications in pursuit of safety and security while taking comfort and the environment into consideration.

Aiming for a safe, secure, and comfortable mobility society with our Spirit of “One Team, One Dream”

The J-QuAD Spirit is to lead the mobility of the future by working together with sincerity, transcending entities, business partners, positions, and all other backgrounds.
Here we introduce the office environment and internal company events that foster the J-QuAD Spirit.