With the goal of becoming a software Tier 1 company, J-Quad Dynamics is developing three businesses.

1. Software Development

With our development experience in the four areas of automated driving, advanced drive safety support, automated parking, and vehicle motion control, we can flexibly handle all phases of software development, from application specification formulation to actual vehicle evaluation.

2. Software Sales

We provide not only software in the four areas with mass production experience, but also unique software for J-QuAD DYNAMICS.

3. Engineering Services

Based on the know-how we have accumulated through our many development achievements, we provide support to customers who are having problems in the four areas, such as creating requirement specifications, adapting to actual vehicles, and introducing a development environment."

Requirements Specification Development

J-QuAD DYNAMICS contributes to the customers' software development by extracting and analyzing system requirements based on our extensive development knowledge and experience in four areas, and by creating high-quality requirements specifications.

  • Supporting for creating requirement specifications

  • Supporting for creating interface design documents

  • Supporting for creating functional safety requirements

Calibration Support

J-QuAD DYNAMICS provides one-stop service for actual vehicle calibration with software designed by J-QuAD DYNAMICS to help achieve performance targets and reduce man-hours for vehicle model deployment.

  • Operation by calibration technicians

  • Tests on actual vehicles on the test course (can also be performed on the customer's test course)

  • Analysis, calibration, and report preparation

  • Support for the design of evaluation and calibration environments based on our know-how

Support for Development Environments

J-QuAD DYNAMICS supports the maintenance and utilization of software development environments (management tools, development tools, virtual simulation, and scenario generation technology) that are indispensable for the future development of automated driving and advanced safety drive support technologies."

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