Aiming to be a Tier 1 Mobility Software Company, Connecting Safety and Comfort

J-QuAD DYNAMICS develops leading-edge software essential for automated driving, advanced safe driving support, automated parking, and integrated vehicle motion control to realize the mobility society of the future.

Feature 01Nexus of Capabilities from Four Companies that Have Led Japan’s Automotive Industry

J-QuAD DYNAMICS was established by four global automotive suppliers: DENSO with its strength in sensing technology, AISIN with its leading-edge powertrain technology, JTEKT with its top-level steering technology, and ADVICS with its highly reliable braking technology. Likewise, we work to develop integrated vehicle control software by bringing together the respective strengths of each company in automated driving technology, as well as their technologies and knowledge related to vehicle motion control. The resulting concentration of human resources and knowledge that had been dispersed among each company enables high-quality, highly efficient development.

J-QuAD DYNAMICS's strength is also our ability to perform evaluation and verification from the viewpoint of the vehicle utilizing the test courses of DENSO, AISIN, JTEKT, and ADVICS.

Feature 02A Global Frontrunner in the Development of Leading-edge Software for a Software-first Era

J-QuAD DYNAMICS has been promoting value creation through software since our founding in 2019, quickly catching the arrival of the "software/hardware separation" era, in which software development is separated from hardware development.Through software development, we will not only provide new value to our customers, but also contribute to the realization of a future mobility society where all people can travel safely and comfortably.

Feature 03Next-generation Development Environment Supporting the Era of Automated Driving

J-QuAD DYNAMICS' next-generation development environment will realize a data-driven development environment that automatically incorporates near-miss incidents and software defects that occur in the market, and that leverages AI and data to improve and update software in a semi-automatic manner. This will contribute to more efficient and higher quality large-scale software development in the era of automated driving.